100 Days With Mr. Arrogant (내 사랑 싸가지)

    This time I wanna share a korean film played in 2005, "100 Days With Mr. Arrogant". This film was started with a high school student, Kang Ha Young (Ha Ji-Won, a main role in "Memories of Bali"), to agree with "Enslavement Agreement" given by Hyung-Joon (Kim Jae-Won, playing as Wuri in "Wuri's Family"). This because one day Ha-Young kicked a can hardly, but it unwillingly hit Hyung Joon's car, Lexus 430, and made him unfocus then the car hit wall ahead. He insisted Ha-Young to give him $3000 as a indemnity for his scratched-car. Of courese, Ha-Young couldn't do it and forcedly signed the agreement to be Hyung Joon's slave for 100 days. 

    But, as the time went by, Ha-Young found out that the indemnity for Hyung Joon's car only took $10!! So, she took her revenge. Unfortunately, Hyung-Joon got an idea to take revenge for his srawled-car done by Ha-Young. He made Ha-Young's Mom to make him as Ha-Young's tutor! 

    Once, Ha-Young and Hyung-Joon had a summer vacation. Unwillingly, Ha-Young fall down unconsciously before she got ready for her bungee-jumping! But, Hyung-Joon tried to reach Ha-Young's body and hug her tight.

    In the fact, Hyung-Joon kept a feeling to Ha-Young! Without Ha-Young's knowing, Hyung-Joon tried hard to make Ha-Young to get spirit for her college entrance exam because this what he promised to Ha-Young's mother, so that he can be together with Ha-Young. He also tried to wiped his trace by moving out from his previous apartment just accross Ha-Young's apartment--but Hyung-Joon's one is the perfect one. 

      Finally, Hyung-Joon and Ha-Young went on the same college as Ha-Young dreamed of.

    This comedy-romantic film is worthed to be watched. Enjoy Seeing the film :)

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