And I Got One More Lesson

I want to post something, but I don't know what it is.
Love? No. it's better not to say that. 
Life? No.
Movie summary? No. I'm in a little bit of boredom.

Okay, I just wanna tell about my participation in WMI 3. I'm an event committee and there are many experience I've got there. I'll make it simple. The benefits are :

  1. I know the significance of prediction to make everything, even little part, perfect. We must be cautious on every details of an event, avoiding failure happened. I learned this from my friends in every meeting. I've been learning this, I try to apply it on my daily life, and also make my self be accostumed with it, so it will cross in my mind automatically when something needs detail occures. It's really important when you do something, notably relates to social network.
  2. It teaches me how to invite important people by massage, email, or calling. This event makes me be detail when I invite someone. First, you have to introduce yourself clearly, your organization presenting the event, date and time of event, theme of event, your intention to invite, and which day the invited-people will perform (if event is performed morea than 1 day). This is an awesome experience. When I have to call the invited-people, we need to be relax and patient, don't be nervous, so that we can talk to the invited-people clearly and systematically.
  3. Don't be easy to give up. Perhaps, we have to search contact number of the invited-people from one source to another sources. It's not easy, although in this event I've got contanct from "PJ Acara" first, perhaps she has many connections.

It's interesting, isn't it? That is the benefits to participate in an organization/event. But, I don't want to mix between organization and my duty as a college student. I will participate in many organizations just when I'm in a college holiday more than 1 month. It will make me busy, but I like it much. 

When I have to go to college again, the event is over, then I have to be serious to my study. I'll take, perhaps, one organization when I start my college again because I can't stand to be "kuliah-pulang-kuliah-pulang" student. But, if it is needed for an important task, it's OK. 

That's all I can share, perhaps you wanna share something? Tell me then. :)


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