The First Korean Drama OST I played with Keyboard

This is the first song made me crazy on Asian Drama !!
Click the tittle "Full House Korean Drama---Sha La La" if u wanna know the song.
Full House OST.
Untill I played this song by Keyboard--music instrument.
I missed playing it again.
I remembered that time.....
I played this song with Keyboard in front of many my friends by accident!

There was
unplayed-Keyboard near School Hall making me interested to play it.
Then my friend, Ulin, said "C'mon play it. Show me your playing. I wanna see it."
It was only me and Ulin at that time, but then, as my playing louder and longer, hhe, many my friends came to be nearer to me.
I became a little bit shy at the time, but I tried to focus on my playing.

It was long time ago.
When I was in 2nd grade of Junior High School.
When I tried to learn Japanese because of Ulin.
When she introduced me first to Japanese Language just from her experience on that language.
When it looked interesting for me.
When I start looking for Japanese Language books at the bookstore.
Try to find the grammar.
Try to make definiton of one word, one letter.
Try to memorize them one by one.
But, It was hard, really hard.
No one can be my tutor for this.
I wanna cry again.
I'm sorry, perhaps you will think I'm too much, but I can't fence it off.

Then, I don't know, my year was the first time to learn Japanese Language.
But, I had bought Germany Language book, because my high school used to use Germany as foreign language.
I don't know, it was like a God's way, God wants to tell me something but I don't know untill right now.
Make me keen on Japanese Language untill right now.
Then Sensei made me understand with this language.


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