He Was Cool (그 놈은 멋있었다)

Still remember with Song Seung-Hun having role as Jung-Suh in a popular Korean drama “Endless Love” ?? You will find him in this movie.
Perhaps, at the first time you see the movie you will not believe his appearance.

It’s still about love. A love between a handsome-popular-quarrelsome-boy, Ji Eung-Sung, from a vocational school and an ordinary girl, Han Hye-Won, from a public school which was near to Ji Eun-Sung's school begun in a unpredictable and funny way. But, one day, Ji Eun-Sung (Song Seung-Hun) had to go to America to follow his mother there while his love with Han Hye-Won was in the air. The one thing that Han Hye-Won still remember was Ji Eun-Sung last word : "I will see you someday in the first day of winter". The sad part is also for Ji Eun-Sung’s bad background—his father was a HIV sufferer. Then what happen if Han Hye-Won was loved by Ji Eun-Sung's ex-best friend too??

In my opinion, this movie should tell way how Ji Eun-Sung and Han Hye-Won finally got in love. Because, U think Ji Eun-Sung was too fast to love Han Hye-Won. Or is it because Ji Eun-Sung had known Han Hye-Won when they were in childhood, when Han Hye-Won tried to wipe out Eun-Sung's crying because of his friends' mock?? (*You will understand it after you watch this film) 

A popular-Korean-novel-based movie is worth to see. Enjoy !!
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