His Story of Life

That human ...

can't feel himself in his own family
can't feel his existence in his college
lost his sweet days with his best friends because of time and distance now

but sometimes he found comfortable environment
where he can find many comfortable friends
where he found true meaning of friendship
where he can find new lesson from his senior in his other "world"
where he can fine a new air
where he can smile widely
without fear
without forcing
without his mom's shouting and yelling
without his dad's sharp word stabbed his heart
without some of his friends' indifferent
behind his crying
he try to forget that for a while

why his problem is too hard?
can you help him by just, only, not more, listening to his story of his life
where dark seems cover his heart and feeling
making him wanna cry every time he remember it again
can you?

when he is in quite, he ever thought to finish his school immediately
then disappeared from his family and never go back
but he afraid it's gonna make his parents more hate him
Sometimes he thought about reborn to be a boy with a lovable family
with acceptance of him in his college environment

Sometime, he cried while sat down in front of his laptop
He never want that problem
Everyone too
He just want to be listened in a field of affection and love


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