Remember “Red Date” on Calendar

Silly thing happened today. As usual, every Saturday I have English course. It was not as usual my mom always remind me for the English course, although I will always remember that.  So, I reminded my mom.

“Mom, I have an English course today,” I said.
And as I’ve guessed before, she forgot.
“Oh My God, you have it, do you?” she said to me.

Then I went to sleep for a while in a purpose, hhaha, ‘Hey, It’s already morning!’
Then. my Mom woke me up again and I took a bath. When I hear news from TV glancely, without seeing it, I heard : “Happy Isra Mi’raj”. Then my Mom took me to my course in a hurry.  Besides, it was long time to wait for two trains passed by. Hmm, it was really hot outside, under the sun.

Finally, I had arrived. I step up and I felt something different. It was so dark, no light as usual. It was a little bit spooky, you know, and I hadn’t realized that no one there! Wow! What a brave girl I was! So, I went downstair and I just found 2 people there, only 2 people!! No receiptionist, no cleaning service officer. It was dark too, OMG !!

In a hurry, I sent SMS to my Mom, perhaps just in a minute not far from my course. Huft, finally, my Mom arrived really fast. What a relief ….

Then I remember about “Happy Isra’ Mi’raj” I’ve heard this morning, hmmphhh..


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