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Baby And Me

"Baby And Me"
Starred : Jang Geun-Suk

(Postingan tentang review nya nanti ya..)

Jang Geun-Suk's Photoes ^_^


Jang Keun-Suk's 2010 Asian Tour

Jang Geun Seok sudah melakukan tur keliling Asianya sejak bulan Maret 2010 yang lalu ke sejumlah negara seperti Taiwan, Beijing, Singapura, Tokyo, Osaka, dan Hong Kong.

Jang Geun Seok mengungkapkan kebahagiaannya bisa bertemu dengan para fans dari negara-negara Asia lain serta menerima banyak cinta dan dukungan dari mereka. “For six months I have received a generous amount of love from my fans all over Asia. I decided to add another date for the end of the tour because I didn’t know how to say thank you to my local fans who have always been supportive of me,”

sumber :

Interview With Jang Geun-Seok

Halo halo, bagi para penggemarnya Jang Geun-Seok yang memerankan Hwang Tae-Kyung di serial You're Beautiful, ada beberapa info nih tentang dirinya. Langsung aja deh :

►Requests for You’re beautiful season 2 haven’t stopped Up til now, there hasnt been any proper talk about a season 2. There are alot of people who want a 2nd season and I also think that 16 episodes passed by too quickly. If i’m given a chance, I want to be in the 2nd season too.
►It seems that there are lots of regrets because it went head to head with IRIS. I was at a loss at the beginning because the ratings were not as good as I thought they would be but there was nothing like dissatisfaction. Instead amongst criticism, i felt grateful towards the crew and my younger coactors that we were able keep the ratings at 2 digits
►Seems that you are like Hwang tae kyung in real life as well – a bit picky (& hard to deal with) I do have a perfectionist side to me like hwang tae kyung. But i’m not self centred. But living a…

Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si Do

OMG, it is Saturday and I'm at the end of my 2nd term holiday, hmm, and I have to go college on Tuesday. So, this is perhaps my recent last posting of film review because I don't know whether I'll have time to see other film later. 

I watched this film because I wanted to see Jang Geun-Seok's performance when he was in 17 years old ^_^. Saranghae!! I couldn't recognize the guy (Geun-Seok) in this movie at the beginning, then I searched his profile told that he took part also in "Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si Do" film. Hwaaaa, I directly watched the film on YT and I admit that it was Geun-Seok having role as Shin Eun-Gyu. 
The two guys, Shin Eun-Gyu and Kang Hee-Won, having good friendship between them confused when they like the same girl, Jung-Won. Eun-Gyu is a person who always be Hee-Won's side when he was down notably while Hee-Won lost his family because of Jung-Won's actually-innocent-deed 3 years before. Jung-Won report Hee-Won's father crime wit…

Bolu Pandan Gulung

Lagi buka Yahoo, eh ketemu link resep Bolu Pandan Gulung, hmmm, yummmyy!! Ini dia kue kesukaan gue, hahaha, akhrinya ketemu resepnya. Fotonya bikin ngiler euy. Kebetulan postingan ini aku upload malam hari, xixixi. Jujur belum pernah coba bikin, ini cuma resep dari internet aja. 

BAHAN : 100 gr tepung terigu rendah protein4 butir telur (pisahkan kuning dan putih telurnya)60 gr minyak goreng60 mL susu tawar cair1 sdt cream of tartar60 gr gula halus1/4 sdt garam halus200 gr butter cream100 gr keju cheddar parut

CARA MEMBUAT : Campur susu tawar cair, pasta pandan, dan minyak, lalu aduk rata. Masukkan kuning telur dan tepung terigu ke dalam campuran susu, aduk rata. Sisihkan.Di tempat terpisah, kocok putih telur dengan cream of tartar, gula halus, dan garam menggunakan mixer hingga mengembang. Tuang campuran tepung dan susu ke dalam kocokan putih telur sedikit demi sedikit sambil diaduk perlahan hingga tercampur rata. Tuang adonan ke dalam loyang berukuran (28 x 28 x 4) cm yang telah dialasi …

Lirik Lagu "Sarangin Gayo"--OST Princess Hours

Jujur, aku seneng banget sama lagu yang satu ini, slow and easy to listen, cocok untuk didengerin pas OL atau lagi ngerjain tugas ringan di pagi hari yang sejuk, hmmm, sekaligus mengingatkan kita kembali pada drama Korea  yang melejit di tahun 2006, Princess Hours a.k.a Goong (궁). Masih inget dong pasangan kekasih Shin dan Chae-Gyeong? Yang Ini lhoo >>

Ini aku kasih lirik lagu OST Goong : "Sarangin Gayo (사랑인가요)" aka "Perhaps Love" dari tag temenku di FB ^_^. Makasih ya buat Aulia Putri Utami buat linknya. Sebelum temenku kasih link ini, aku udah hampir hapal sama liriknya, tapi cuma sedengernya aku aja, yaaah mirip-mirip tapi ga tau deh bener atau ga ngucapinnya, hhe. Setelah tahu liriknya, wah aku terkejut banget, ternyata apa yang  aku denger dan aku suka nyanyiin mirip sama cara baca Hangul untuk lirik lagu itu, hahaha. Surprised banget deh. Tapi, cara baca Hangul di link yang aku dapet ini kayaknya cuma sekedar sesuai ucapan huruf lidah orang Indonesia, bu…

Mengenang Liburan Semester 2 ^_^

Liburan semester 2....

aku memutuskan untuk tidak mengikuti SP dulu karena ingin merasakan liburan 3 bulan itu seperti apa sih rasanya. Rasanya gimana yaaa??? Ini dia :
Bulan Juni Awal-awal bulan ini mulai membuat rencana kegiatan 3 bulan ke depan. Aku memutuskan untuk ikut kepanitiaan beberapa acara seperti WMI 3, OKK, UUB--OKK ga jadi karena dilema dengan seleksi Monbusho. Karena bingung mau ngapain di awal liburan ini, akhirnya mencari-cari film dan drama Asia buat ditonton tiap pagi (mumpung pagi hari sinyalnya OK, hha). Tapi, malah teringat dengan drama Korea pas SMP dulu --->> Sassy Girl Choon Hyang ^_^. Entah kenapa jadi freak banget sama drama ini lagi. 
Liburan ini, FIB udah jadi basecamp kedua, sementara sejenak melupakan FT, hha. Why? Soalnya aku berguru dengan temanku di Sastra Jepang untuk kembali mempelajari Bahasa Jepang. Tapi, lama kelamaan jadi gak konsisten sampe sekarang. Aku juga mikir belum tentu nantinya aku bisa ke Jepang, tapi itung-itung untuk menambah skil…


You cannot talk about Tokyo without visiting Asakusa. Although it used to be a typical commercial area 150 years ago, it is now one of few areas in Tokyo which you can feel the atmosphere of those old days. 

During the Tokugawa shogunate, there were a large number of temple in Edo (now Tokyo). People were more religious than now and they visited those temple frequently. As a result, a commercial district was built around each temple. When they started accepting the western influence, however, those districts have changed drastically. Most of them do not show Japanese tradition anymore. Asakusa too accepted some of those changes. They built some movie theaters as well as strip clubs. However, the center of Asakusa remained old-styled, and eventually became regarded as the center of Shitamachi, a synonym of old Tokyo. 

In Asakusa today, you can find a variaty of traditional stuff which you rarely see in other parts of Tokyo. Sensoji is the center of Asakusa. When you get off the metro, yo…

Otanjyoubi Omedetou, Ayu San !!

Now, I start my life in my 19th. Terima Kasih buat teman-teman yang telah berdoa yang terbaik untuk saya. Semoga doa kalian dikabulkan oleh Allah SWT, aaminn.. Apalagi ulang tahun saya kali ini jatuh di saat bulan Ramadhan, wah senangnya.. ^_^ Ya Allah mohon kabulkan doa hamba, Amin ^_^ sarangil cukkhahaeyo otanjyoubi omedetou ahaha

Thifan Putri Gading

Teman-teman (pkai bahasa ibu kali ini) saya ingin memperkenalkan beladiri yang baru saya ikuti di UI dan mungkin masih jarang didengar--relatif--yaitu Thifan. Bagi kawan-kawan yang sedang berkuliah di Universitas Indonesia (hhe, bukan bermaksud mentang-mentang aku di UI jg) mungkin sudah ada yang pernah mendengar dengan beladiri khusus muslimah ini. Tenang, untuk ikhwan juga ada, tapi tentu saja dipisah dari akhwat. Untuk akhwat namanya Thifan Putri Gading. Di UI dilaksanakan setiap hari Senin dan Sabtu pukul 16.00 WIB. Ayo teman-teman kita ikuti pola hidup sehat. Tubuh kita juga memiliki hak untuk menjadi sehat lho.. 

Gambar di atas berasal dari sumber juga. Tapi memang seragamnya seperti itu.

"Apa sih Thifan itu?" Berikut saya akan memberikan sedikit informasi yang saya dapatkan dari sumber lain mengenai apa Thifan itu. Tapi saya akan mengkhususkan untuk menjelas Thifan Putri Gading karena says seorang akhwat tentunya. Thifan untuk ikhwan dan akhwat berinduk dari Thifan Tsufu…

My Lizard Eats Rice !!

I took this video on March, 14th 2010 ^_^ on my desk where I usually study. 
Every time I want to eat, the lizard always appears in front of me for about 30 cm in distance. Not only this  lizard but also other lizard (of course lizards living in my house). The often one is this lizard ^^. Hmm, it's a little bit strange, isn't it? Lizard is usually afraid of human presence near it, but this lizard isn't like that. The other odd thing was the lizard like eating various food even crumbs of biscuit, but I often feed it rice.  I haven't seen it recently and it seems rarely to appear. ': (

Easy Way to Plurk

Get bored with current social networking? I think you should try this one, Plurk. You can update your status here just like you write on your own diary, but input character is limited. 
"So, how can I use it?"
The first step is making account in Plurk through browsing for PC or mobile. Don't forget to check your email account for confirmation. 
"What should I do next?"
Click empty image placed on the left side on Plurk, then upload a single photo you like. Uploading photo can increase your Karma--it's like describing amount of points you've reached lately. There are some menu in  "Profile Settings" :

General : You can input your personal informations.Picture : To input a single new photoCustomize Profile : You can select pattern provided by Plurk in basic pattern for Background Theme, Timeline Theme, and Dashboard Theme. You can apply the html-codes in CSS coloumn here also and find several links leading to website providin…

Di Saat Kita Sedang Susah

Saat kita sedang mengalami kesusahan, hendaknya kita berdo'a kepada Allah semata, memohon kemudahan dalam setiap urusan kita. Seperti dalam do'a berikut :

اللَّهُمَّ لاَ سَهْلَ إِلاَّ مَا جَعَلْتَهُ سَهْلاً وَأَنْتَ تَجْعَلُ الحَزْنَ إِذَا شِئْتَ سَهْلاً
Artinya : "Ya Allah tidak ada kemudahan kecuali yang Engkau buat mudah. Dan Engkau menjadikan kesedihan (kesulitan), jika Engkau kehendaki pasti akan menjadi mudah."
Hadits ini dikeluarkan oleh Ibnu Hibban dalam shahihnya (3/255). Dikeluarkan pula oleh Ibnu Abi Umar, Ibnus Sunus dalam Amalan Yaum wal Lailah (Lihat : Jaami'ul Ahadits, 6/257, Asy Syamilah)
Sanad hadits ini shahih sebagaimana dikatakan oleh Syaikh Syu'aib Al Arnauth dalam tahqiqnya terhadap Shahih Ibnu Hibban. 
Faedah singkat dari do'a tersebut adalah : Kemudahan hanya datang dari Allah. Sesuatu yang sulit sekalipun bisa menjadi mudah jika Allah kehendaki.Hendaklah hati selalu bergantung kepada Allah, bukan tergantung pada diri sendiri yang lemah …

3rd Term Schedule

What an exhausting day it was! I have to fight against among almost 130 college students in Civil Engineering Department UI for major subjects and all college student in Engineering Faculty UI randomly for general subjects. You can imagine how stressing thing it was! Besides, at 9 am internal server for filling courseplan was error. But, it was strange no more. And I just realized that I will do such this bored thing for 8 terms ahead. WOW

I didn't get "nice" lecturer as what my friends talked about because some schedule don't match with other subjects. Hmm, I just give these all to God as I always keep in mind that "Every our breath isn't escaped from God's willing", my schedule for 3rd term too. I hope I can do better for every class I attend, eventhough for "strange" lecturer. I'll keep trying my best for this semester and I want to be more focus on my subjects. This sacrifice just for 4 months for every term. So, why don't you h…

Unpredictable First Meeting With Mutia's Sister ^_^

It has been long time I haven't been in such good mood writing in English. ^_^ There was no other way. I just missed using my mother language. But, I don't use English in a purpose this time, not because I attend English course, but it just my mood leading me to use English :-)) My English course was just ended on Saturday, 7th. It was an unforgettable moment I went along with my new friends, but I'm sorry I can't continue my course to the next level because my schedule in this term is really congested. 
OK, back to the topic, I just wanna write something which is unimportant thing, but I want to write something. Just start with today's activity. I have to go to UI for some meeting in Ifthar and GCUI (Green Community University of Indonesia). Hmm, there is still work to do. These all will be conducted not far from my holiday time, so it won't disturb my study, except for UUB. I want to be more focus on my study in this semester. 
Just by right now, I'm in FIB…

Rencana Studi Semester 3

Ini dia rencana studi untuk semester 3. Yang sedang membuat dilema bagi diriku dan teman-teman adalah "Semester ini jadi nyodok ga ya?"
Setelah melakukan berbagai pertimbangan, akhirnya saya memilih untuk menyodok mata kuliah KGLL (Kesehatan, Keselamatan Kerja, dan Lindung Lingkungan). Salah satu pertimbangannya adalah bahwa semester ini ada 3 mata kuliah yang salah satu kegiatannya adalah di Laboratorium (berarti bikin 3 laporan berbeda dong. Bayangin aja satu laporan banyaknya kayak apa). K3LL cenderung bersifat mudah, yang penting membaca, jadi saya lebih memilih K3LL agar mata kuliah wajib bisa ditangani dengan baik. 
Ini dia mata kuliah semester ini :

Menu yang sehat bukan? Hahaha, entahlah. Setahuku adalah bahwa aku sudah mengambil keputusan dengan memilih Sipil sebagai jurusanku karena aku ingin menjadi seorang professional. Untuk menjadi professional tentunya kita harus menguasai bidang kita dan bukan lari berusaha mencari dosen yang "enak" dalam artian dosen …

Ukiyoe (Wood Print)

Ukiyoe is not only a traditional form of Japanese art, but also an inheritance of past Japanese culture that we can be proud of. Recently "Ukiyoe" art has become of such great interest in many parts of the world that it has been retained in private museums and collections, many of which are hidden from the public eye.
However, even today, there is a small group of craftsmen who are trying their utmost to continue this Japanese art form much as it was practiced in the Edo period. The techniques they use for the carving and the finishing of each individual piece are exactly as they were in the Edo period.
Each piece has to be individually crafted and takes many months to complete. We are striving to ensure that in the future "Ukiyoe" art will continue to be handed down, generation after generation. We hope that you will look at this "Ukiyoe" art and appreciate the true value of its Edo flavor.

Making Process Jizzumi Chokoku: Carving the outline. The outline of …


Waah, sudah masuk bulan Agustus, tandanya sebentar lagi akan menghadapi 4 hari penting. ^_^ Di awal bulan Agustus ini tampaknya sudah ada beberapa planning kegiatan bulan ini. Beginilah orang yang liburan terlalu lama, keluar dari rutinitas, berusaha menyibukkan diri. Apa aja ya??
Masih ada tugas di UUB, menjadi Danus. Seperti baru saja beberapa menit yang lalu udah dapet sms tugas untuk jualan. Kalo gak jualan ya nonton bareng seperti kemarin di TV ONE : Kabar Sepekan. Tapi, have fun lah. 
Sabtu minggu ini adalah hari terakhir les B.Ing TP 3. Masih bingung apakah melanjutkan lagi atau tidak karena masih mengatur jadwal kuliah dan belum ada kepastian. Bakalan kangen sama teman-teman TP 3 LIA Pengadegan. Mereka asik-asik dan kompak banget kalo urusan belajar B.Ing. hampir semuanya curious. Dan di sini aku bisa berteman dengan kakak-kakak yang sudah kerja, ada yang ingin melanjutkan S2, dan ada yang mau masuk kuliah. Di kelas ini aku juga mendapatkan 3 orang teman yang satu almamater. Wah…

Pulang dari Nonton Bareng di TV ONE

hoooammm, ngantuk berat, baru pulang dari nonton bareng anak2 UUB (UI Untuk Bangsa) 2010, tapi asyik... postingnya besok aja deh, mata udah sipit nih, 5 watt pula, tidurr dulu.. Time To Sleep ..
(Nah ini dia postingannya ^_^) Sangat aneh saat pertama kali tiba di Stasiun UI dianter keluarga. Kosong. Wah ini pada kemana ya?? Berhubung aku juga belum makan sore, akhirnya memutuskan mencari roti di warung-warung sekitar stasiun. Saat itulah ketemu Cut yang tampaknya baru turun dari kereta. Akhirnya jalan bareng. Setelah itu balik ke Stasuin UI dan ketemu sama Pipit. My old classmate ^_^. I know more about Thifan from Pipit there. I became more interested in Thifan, It seemed more committee of UUB arrived and we decided to go. Weleh2, jadi keterusan pke Bhs Inggris, maaf ya, hhe. Gak mungkin pake bus executive, pastinya pke Metromini dong dan di dalam tuh jubel2an. Nah, ini dia yang gue suka menjadi cewek adalah cewek dominan selalu mendapat yang enak. Anak-anak cowok pada merelakan berdiri …