3rd Term Schedule

What an exhausting day it was! I have to fight against among almost 130 college students in Civil Engineering Department UI for major subjects and all college student in Engineering Faculty UI randomly for general subjects. You can imagine how stressing thing it was! Besides, at 9 am internal server for filling courseplan was error. But, it was strange no more. And I just realized that I will do such this bored thing for 8 terms ahead. WOW

I didn't get "nice" lecturer as what my friends talked about because some schedule don't match with other subjects. Hmm, I just give these all to God as I always keep in mind that "Every our breath isn't escaped from God's willing", my schedule for 3rd term too. I hope I can do better for every class I attend, eventhough for "strange" lecturer. I'll keep trying my best for this semester and I want to be more focus on my subjects. This sacrifice just for 4 months for every term. So, why don't you have to be lazy, huh?? There is almost 1,5 month to have vacation again. So just be patient. Go fighting Ayu! Go Go Go Ap_Chan!! ^_^

And Here They Are :

This term will be a pre-busy term. I have 3 subjects to do in Lab and 3 Big Tasks, so I have to make 3 different reports and I decide to take one additional subjects, K3LL. I'm sure I can make  it if I don't make postponing as my habit. Nice Idea. Wow, I'll go to college at 1 pm for 2 days, I'll be off every Monday in work day, and 9 am is the earliest time to go to college, yeeaahh. Hmmm. OK, I need to wait less than a month untill my first day in 3rd term comes. Use your holiday in a right way, so it won't seems useless holiday. Keep fighting! 

And I wanna say, Happy Fasting Month! ^_^
And tonight is the first night doing Tarawih pray. 


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