Easy Way to Plurk

Get bored with current social networking? I think you should try this one, Plurk. You can update your status here just like you write on your own diary, but input character is limited. 

"So, how can I use it?"

The first step is making account in Plurk through browsing plurk.com for PC or plurk.com/m via mobile. Don't forget to check your email account for confirmation. 

"What should I do next?"

Click empty image placed on the left side on Plurk, then upload a single photo you like. Uploading photo can increase your Karma--it's like describing amount of points you've reached lately. There are some menu in  "Profile Settings" :

  1. General : You can input your personal informations.
  2. Picture : To input a single new photo
  3. Customize Profile : You can select pattern provided by Plurk in basic pattern for Background Theme, Timeline Theme, and Dashboard Theme. You can apply the html-codes in CSS coloumn here also and find several links leading to website providing free themes. 
  4. Profile Page Title : You can make a title for your account which appears in the top of the page. But, you can do this after reaching certain Karma.
  5. Widget : To make your tiny Plurk status updates appear on you website or Blogger. 

Here is the first preview :

It is default theme, but it can be changed on your own as your favor. If you have interest in tinkering with CSS, it's gonna be great to make your own theme and apply it on your Plurk. But, don't worry if you can't creat theme by CSS. You can search for various themes in web for free, copy the html-codes, and apply it on your Plurk in Profile Settings--Customize Profile. Here if you want to create your own theme without being puzzled with CSS code.

Take a look to this picture guiding you also in using Plurk (just click the picture if you can't see it clearly) :

Explanations by color :
Red Line : It is status updates. If you click it the tab will scroll down and the tab will show comments from various users in Plurk including people you don't know who perhaps your friends' friend. You can also input comment both just like you input comment by Facebook. 

Yellow Line : There are several tabs which you can check all Plurk, only your Plurk, etc (find it out).

Brown Line : It is your Plurk title only occures when you reach certain Karma. 

Several tips :
  1. You can input various emoticons residing Karma by input it's link when you want to plurk or to give comment.
  2. To tag someone in your update, input sign (@) before the name, example : @rina
  3. To make italic words, input sign (*) squeezing the word, example : *blablabla*
  4. To see recent updates click "view" which appears in bottom of timeline.


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