Unpredictable First Meeting With Mutia's Sister ^_^

It has been long time I haven't been in such good mood writing in English. ^_^ There was no other way. I just missed using my mother language. But, I don't use English in a purpose this time, not because I attend English course, but it just my mood leading me to use English :-)) My English course was just ended on Saturday, 7th. It was an unforgettable moment I went along with my new friends, but I'm sorry I can't continue my course to the next level because my schedule in this term is really congested. 

OK, back to the topic, I just wanna write something which is unimportant thing, but I want to write something. Just start with today's activity. I have to go to UI for some meeting in Ifthar and GCUI (Green Community University of Indonesia). Hmm, there is still work to do. These all will be conducted not far from my holiday time, so it won't disturb my study, except for UUB. I want to be more focus on my study in this semester. 

Just by right now, I'm in FIB UI, write this posting while I'm waiting for my practice in martial art. Yeah, martial art. I decide to have a healthy activity, you know it's rarely I do my sport. Our body needs it's right to be healthy, isn't it? Eventhough all my body still in pain, becuase of not doing sport regularly, I still want to try to be consistant with this martial art. I hope this gonna be useful someday.

(to be continued)

Hmm, I wanna finish this posting now, hihihi, perhaps you've got bored. Where should I begin? Hmmm, oh, I see, after I did my martial art (Thifan), my mom called me to go to EC quickly so that I can pray then go home. It was a bad idea to leave first before the class was ended. It was almost 6.20 pm and I walked alone under the dark sky to FT from Pusgiwa UI. In a long road with street-light only, I tried not to be frightened, but it just a little bit worked. Sometimes, I saw behind. By the time I remembered about many criminal deeds happened in UI, I became more frightened. Oh no, Police Office was just ahead, but I thought it was too far to make them see me here. I make my walk faster. Sometimes, I thought I had a little bit ways to face enemy in my martial art class, but I just got first technique. But, I have to be more confidence of my skill.

After I reached FT, I saw only a police in Police Office (not "office" afterall). "Thank God, You save me." I don't want to do this again. I'll suggest my teacher to start the class earlier, so that I won't be frightened like this.

The surprise wasnt't ended there. My Mom and I prayed in MUI for Maghrib. My Mom finished first then I start praying beside my mom while she was talking with someone. When I finished, my Mom introduce me to "someone" she just talked to. After a short conversation, suddenly she said that she was my senior's sister studying in Korea. WOW, I was surprised there. Even I never met Mutia ("my senior") directly, but I have met Mutia's sister first. Hahaha, what a surprising thing it was !! And we can get in touch via FB right now. ^_^

Wow, today was amazing day which is full of surprising. Hahaha...


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