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Lee Shin : Tinggi, misterius, menyimpan keceriaan hanya jika kita yang pancing saja, baik, tegas, memimpin, berkomitmen, percaya dengan pasangannya, romantis (tapi gak gombal), dan bertanggung jawab, ^_^
How a lucky person I am if I can be loved by a man having personality like him. ^_^

Unchategorized (9月20日)

Hoaamm.. Flat. I always start the day with the flat feeling, waiting for next stories I will engrave on my every steps. There's no something cheer me up to go to college except put my responsibility in the right place. This is midnight and I should've gone to bed, but there's something I wanna tell, but I can't do it. 
A half of my task has been finished and this is the right time--it is around midnight though--to wreak it up. I just wonder about life. It is complex, misterious, unpredictable but sometimes I can see the signs.  I don't know there is something problem must make it get straight or it will haunt my mind again and again.  Perhaps, I have to be more near to my God. 

@ Bali ^_^

Baru bisa posting hari ini dan saat ini karena lagi menginap di rumah Pak De di Denpasar, Bali ^_^ Tadi sebelum ke rumah Pa' De sempet ke Tanah Lot dulu. Sebelumnya nyebrang dari Ketapang ke Gilimanuk dengan kapal Ferry kecil. Postingan ini aku buat saat menginap di rumah Pa De. Hmm, di sini rame banget, ada Chun, Kholid, Isma, Ndut, Billa, Nia--mereka sepupu2 kecil yang sangat rame dan baik. Hha, mereka semua jadi manggil aku "teteh" padahal logat mereka adalah logat bahasa Linggau dan Palembang, terdengar ganjil, tapi ya memang adikku manggil aku "teteh" sampai om aku (dari aku kecil setelah adikku lahir) manggil aku "teteh" juga, hha. 
Sekarang lagi pada OL dan main game di laptop. Alhamdulillah bisa OL dari modem di sini dengan sinyal yang lumayan OK juga, hhe. Yang paling manja itu si Kholid, manggil teteh agak berbeda, hhe. Kalo Chun adalah yang paling pengertian. Padalah mereka baru kelas 2 SMP lho dan badan mereka (menurut aku) lebih kecil dari …

My First Day in 3rd Term

Hmm, nothing special today except being busy for Ifthar tomorrow which will be cancelled untill September 7th. I woke up at 8 then I checked my cellphone showing 2 unread messages asking where I was. OMG, I've just woke up!! It was Mutia who wait me for class permission later on me. She kept sending messages while I was in my moving to reach FTUI. When I arrived in front of PAF (Pusat Administrasi Fakultas), I directly went inside and asked to meet Mr. Ikhlas. After a short conversation via mobile, I got no permission for class because it has been booked by other event. Hmm, I hope there will be a solution soon. 
Then I went alone (my friends dominantly had class at 10 am) to mini market to buy some parcel items that will be given to the speaker later. There was still 2 hours before 1 pm for my first class today, Static. I decided to look for books for today. Then, I pray Zuhur and went to S.203 in hurry. OMG, my Static class was just like a private class. There were only 26 studen…