My First Day in 3rd Term

Hmm, nothing special today except being busy for Ifthar tomorrow which will be cancelled untill September 7th. I woke up at 8 then I checked my cellphone showing 2 unread messages asking where I was. OMG, I've just woke up!! It was Mutia who wait me for class permission later on me. She kept sending messages while I was in my moving to reach FTUI. When I arrived in front of PAF (Pusat Administrasi Fakultas), I directly went inside and asked to meet Mr. Ikhlas. After a short conversation via mobile, I got no permission for class because it has been booked by other event. Hmm, I hope there will be a solution soon. 

Then I went alone (my friends dominantly had class at 10 am) to mini market to buy some parcel items that will be given to the speaker later. There was still 2 hours before 1 pm for my first class today, Static. I decided to look for books for today. Then, I pray Zuhur and went to S.203 in hurry. OMG, my Static class was just like a private class. There were only 26 students. But, I like it much because it will make me easy to communicate with my lecture if I'm puzzled with the subjects. 

Next class, Surveying. OMG, I almost fell asleep in class. I don't know, I just got bored with the lecturer because just talking about the introduction of surveying and laughing which was still can't make me stay tune, hha. 

It was 6 pm and I directly went to Cut's dorm to have "Buka Puasa" hha. I brought "bento" and I bought a cup of ice tea. Wow, the situation in Kutek was sooo crowded. Students bought foods and drinks for "Buka Puasa" time here-and-there. There were a lot of stands selling various foods and drinks, for instance, siomay, bakpao, ice tea, coconut ice, kolak, and many more. Hmm, I love that atmosphere. After "buka puasa" I prayed Magrib then went to lobi FTUI together with Cut to create a group for GCUI. 
That's all, hhe. 


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