The Path I

The path
where I left my memory behind
when I miss some part of my life line
where I met wonderful people and moments
where I met the special ones
where I get what I want
when I was down and up
where I had to face the problems and wiped my tears
when several people underestimate me before knowing me more

The path
It makes me have capability to speak about life
That is where I saw someone I used to know most seems like a new one now,
whom I can't recognize.
Weird, but that's what have happened
And the reason why I must met that kind of person even for a short time is "Dunno"
Seems to be easy to wipe that memory from my mind.

The path
where I don't know whether the people I knew will come to my life again someday.
The path is a misterious way,
full of surprises
But it's your choice to choose the best one or the worst one,
by making yourself sure about doing kindness


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