Burst Up Your Desire!

It seems I have to have another thing to encourage my passion (on lecture) this term. 
Hmm, well, I'm keen on historical country, for instance, England, France, and Italy, or a quiter country such as Finland, Scotland, and Dutch. Wow, I do wanna live there someday ^_^. There's no other way but full scholarship to make me fly there and study there also. But I never forget for my wonderful-best-choice-country, Japan ^_^. There's no other way but trying hard to increase GPA, yeeaahh. "You are not too far!! You can fix it this term. Whatever will happen then just make yourself be sure that God gives what you've sacreficed for." OK, let's start the images. 


King's Cross Station, London

Edinburgh Castle

Ten Bells Pub where Jack the Ripper frequented

A School in Central Edinburgh



The Abby at Bath, England (front view)

Tower Bridge at Night, London, England

London Bus


Kenwood House, Hampstead Heath, London


Picture from Venice - Bridge of Sighs - Ponte dei Sospiri - Italy - Photo by Urs Hauenstein


김명훈 said…
why don't u choose Korea as a place for u to study abroad??^^ a lot of full scholarships chance here...
Cut said…
gambarnya bagus-bagus, yu :)
jadi pengen cepet ke sana deh hehe
@김명훈: hmm, Korea hasn't come into my mind. Perhaps someday. I'm so impressed in Vampire and another historical thing just like in Europe. So, that's why Europe came into my mind first. Hey, btw you have a blog too? Nice, but most of words is in Korean Lang :(

@Cut: iya ya, hha, klik aja gambarnya cut, trus copast linknya ke address bar, dr sumbernya masih banyak yg bagus2 :)
Semangat semangat!!

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