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What will you do when you meet Kim Ryeo Wook??

10 detik pertama, mata gak bisa berkedip
10 detik kedua, berusaha mengembalikan detak jantung menjadi normal kembali
10 detik ketiga, masih speechless
10 detik keempat, ini mimpi gak sih??
10 detik kelima, "Can I say something, Wookie? You're so cute and considerate man."

Hahaha.. Just a joke..
Maklumlah hari ini SuJu datang ke Istora Senayan buat konser acara KIMCHI, meskipun bukan konser SuperShow mereka, tapi tetep aja bikin galau. Ryeowook, welcome to Indonesia ^_^

I love his old style with spiky-black-hair and his thin-tall body #melt me down. 

And also because of his ability in playing Piano. WOOKIEE, YOU'RE GREAT!! (see this video..)

And also this... OMG, He's so adorable and considerate man... 

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What 'Feeling' Has Done

This feeling means so much, not only for 'something', but also for my achievment in gaining quality of my own life. It has driven me to the meaning of truly muslimah in Islam (her rights, responsibilities, important roles, etc) and the meaning and feeling about loving Allah SWT. The truly love only to Allah SWT. That sentence was always said by my friend and I didn't know how it feels in loving Allah SWT truly and deeply and I didn't know how. 
Alhamdulillah, I have ever felt this feeling eventhough it's value goes down now. Coz I know there's something wrong the way I managed this feeling. It has ruined (little bit) my academics :( I know I was wrong and I never wanna do this for second time. Never. 
I don't know what kind of life story God wanna gives to me. I know him just for a while but so meaningful, coz I never pay attention towards him then I realized there's something he felt towards me when everything seems like the end. But, only Allah knows wh…