Thanks Allah for Everything

This Ashar was really meaningful.
Before doing Ashar, I got in seeing this picture from Facebook :

I was so touched with that and this :

"O Allah, this time for my praying, I ONLY want to say 
'Thanks Allah' without asking something."

Can you feel that sentence? Long time ago, I did really need Allah just when I got problems. But have you ever did Salah only to prove your grateful to Allah? Try to do it. It's really relieving thing and it made you feel blessed. 

Then, I watched an infotainment about Cindy Claudia's desease she suffered recently. It was like a roll film projecting my past. Then I remember back when I say : "O Allah, Healthy is really expensive."  

Then I did Ashar praying and my tears burst out when I put my head on mat. I do feel blessed. I remember about Allah's blessing on me :
"O Allah, I still feel as an unthankful man, so despicable."
"What more powerfull one than You, O Allah? No One. Only You, The Powerfull One."
"I'm so grateful to your blessing on me."
"I thank for my healthy, 
".... so that I can see my family, my friends, my neighbours."
" that I can see the smile of my friends, chatting and laughing together :')"
" that I can see my mom being busy in her morning, my dad arriving home, my brother being busy with his 12th year of school :')" 
".... so that I can run every morning. Thanks Allah for the bright sun."
" that I can accompany Mom (driving motorcycle) together to market, buy glassess and some scarfs."
" that I can receive message from my friend asking me to watch movie and a message from my senior asking me to start working essay (skripsi) together. O Allah, how important healthy is."
" that I can do Salah comfortably."
I can't count all the blessings.
Thanks Allah :')


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