Perhaps we had ever heard : "I can't love someone else when I have choosen someone stealing my heart." 
I think that's why choosing someone just for crashing on is avoidable (for me). 

Let's think, close relationship still exists, but what if someday (finally) he can't be by my side? I had given all my heart to him. Dissapponted? That's what I'm afraid of. 

Then let's think again. What if giving love to him in a halal relationship? I think it's the best way. I can give love, interact together without afraid of breaking Allah's rule and that deed is done to persue Allah's willingness. How beautiful it is?

How beautiful it is if we can be together for someone we do love someday.
When what we expect is blessed by Allah. 

This was inspired by governor's wife. "Behind a successfull man, there is a great wife." 
Hmm sometimes I think: how complicated being a woman. 
We must success in career and also be a good mother and a good wife, 


  1. Betul sekali,
    Love him just because you love Allah, and so does he :)
    If both of you really do, there won't be a chance for such a non-halal relationship..

    1. Hope someday we find him, someone who love us because of Allah too :) aamiin


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