Are You Ready To 'Grow Up'?

It's a simple sentence but it means a lot for me. 

For a week, there were too much things I've been worried about. Just worry and scare left in every time I was worrying about future. I don't know how this feelings could transit in my heart. Untill I had no spirit in every single day I went to my office. I never felt this before. 

And last night, I happened to watch a movie: "The Proposal" telling about a career woman whose life was only about her career untill she forgot how to love and to be loved. And in advertently, she 'has to marry' a man (her assisstant in her office). Both were not ready. But, they had to be ready because the wedding had been arranged. The bridegroom is a passionate person who braves himself come to NewYork to be an editor as he wanna be. He left his hometown whereas his family was rich. Every single shops in his hometown are owned by his family, but he decided not to be in his comfort zone such continuing his family's bussinesses. He said," I'm not rich, but my family is."

The film made me think: "are you ready to 'grow up'?" It's a little bit strange when the situation 'must' change but I'm not ready to follow. Even when I haven't made a vision of life, what I want to be. Not just a plan, but a vision to be performed.

Even my father definitely knew what I'm feeling even I just made a simple clue. "I know, it must be not easy to accept that you are working now, not studying again in campus, in a comfort zone." 

Even sometimes I just wanna beg to my parents,  "Please always be on my side, Mom and Dad. I'm nothing without both of you." Something I forgot that every facility that my parents has given to me is theirs not mine. Even I know they will give me everything I need. 

And I forgot to always remember this: "ud uni astajiblakum"

More lessons, indeed ...


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