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2013 on My Own

Woke up at 2:30 AM and found out rain was falling outside home made my heart so calm. It is much more surprising that today is the last day of 2013. Rain was still falling when I was ready to go for a work. Road was quite empty of riders even at 08:00 AM while it wasn't like that in usual daily-traffic. It didn't frightened me to allow my father drove me in to office by car. On the way, I tried to remember what had been happened in 2013: from the unexpected thing untill the surprising thing. 
This year was the time for my last term ended. I was struggling for it. Up and down always coloured my days in completing my final project. Hopeless sometimes arrived in and made everything get worse. I was lucky having a kind-hearted professor who always tried to solve any problem occured in composing my final project. (I was very delighted to see you-Prof Tommy-again yesterday. I wanted to chat more inded) Finally, the final project was completed on time. The graduation which I had ever…

what is your progress now?

Watching Dhira and her firend's video displayed their life in Hannover, hmm, is quit questioning my progress to get scholarship. One of the key to get it is TOEFL iBT score. Such this english score is a pass-key to go abroad. I wouldn't say striving for good score, indeed best score. 
OK, I shall be attending the expensive (for me) english test at least in next February, it means I have a month only to prepare for all skills: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. A special effort is necessary for listening skill, while reading-writing-speaking skill can be united in one skill: fast reading. The more sentences you read, the more vocabulary you had. It will habituate you to write faster. Besides, fast reading leads to fast writing. 
The fact that my english skill is just so so. Harder effort is obviously needed. Hup!

Induction Cooker

Have you ever felt upset when gas ran out in our half-way cooking time? Are you still worrying in replacing old gas tube with the new one? It won't be a question again if you want to try induction-cooker. This time, I'd like to introduce induction cooker (kompor induksi in Bahasa) since it is still not too popular.

It is called induction because of it's ability to produce heat by induction process. This kind of cooker uses magnet and electricity to produce induction. Electricity evokes current Eddy around magnetic area which will produce magnetic flux. The magnetic flux will penetrate cookware (metal/stainless steel) to produce heat. In other words, heat is produced in cookware itself! This is the reason why induction-cooker is more efficient and more energy-saving than other kind of stove.
Do not worry when your hand touch the induction-cooker while it is in use because your hand is not a metal hahaha. The magnetic flux can penetrate metal only. More attention is necessary …

Masih merasa hebat?

Dia yang terlihat hebat, tak bisa dicontoh utuh karena sama seperti pada umumnya: gak ada yang sempurna. Lihat sisi positif nya dan jangan buru-buru kecewa.Merasa hebat? Kita sejauh ini pun dan merasa menjadi semakin baik tak lain karena karunia Allah. Sungguh jika tidak ada kasih sayang Nya, tak mungkin kita bisa semakin baik dan mungkin saja aib-aib sendiri tak terhijab :(