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Alhamdulillah mom had arrived home safely yesterday. This morning, she was looked very excited. She said, "It is very joyfull when I can see you and your brother together be here. I can serve foods for both of you. Seeing you together is just so amazing. That's why I never intend to let you be so far from my side." Wow, my mom has just said that. I was so surprised. Well, that was one of factor making me feel so lonely recent months. Eventhough I could see both my parents after arriving at home, but I couldn't deny that I still felt lonely. It must be my brother.

Everyday is usually coloured with his yelling, hahaha, kidding. However, it was something that I miss much. I only had a brother. When he must continue his study far away, that makes me being the only one child at home. It was not a good idea, indeed. Though he always got bigger part of food (hahaha) than me, being a lonely child at home was not a choice I wanted to.