Notes to Myself

No use to see backward just to feel the memories.
Be brave for the pasts, be strong for problems ahead, all the matters will turn back to Allah.
For everything you hope but has not come to reality, just believe that these all things happened for Allah's will, don't doubt that you are in wrong path.
Just take a new step, pray for new hopes, be sure for new hopes, build new dreams.

Will he (I don't know who) come in an unpredictable way?
Just like I found my new vest today?
I walked around a bazaar, tried to find new clothes.
I happened stop in a stand selling various kind of vests. Then I found a vest.
It looked like different than another vests displayed on shelf. Simple but ellegant.
When I tried to wear it first, it suited me much. I never doubted that. My heart choosed it.
I just said: "Yes I want it. I like it."
Just like a heart-connection.

Ah ya. It's not as simple as saying 'I like it'
I need to turn my current mind into clear-minded.
I choosed it not for own desire, but logic.
I need it because it is useful fo every short-sleeve-shirts, it makes simple dress become casual and ellegant.
I will not spend much money for it, so I won't be spenthrift.
Is it a logic thing, isn't it?
Besides, my heart said Yes.

When we think Allah, our positive side will occur and it will be represented in every part of ourselves: mind, heart, speaking, and deed. It's so magic.
So why do we still doubt to be near to Allah? However, praying will make us near to Allah in order to be able to think Allah in every single of time :')

Keep the iman being stable. Once we felt stable, keep praying: "Yaa Muqallibal Quluub. Tsabbit Qulbi 'Ala Diinik" because we never know when Allah will turn this heart :( Stay stronger to keep it in our heart..


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