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Ramadhan Blessings

Ruthful moment was depicted two days ago when I and my friend, Vero, stepped aside the road in Kemang. As downpour was still falling, we had a small-interesting-conversation that made us unrecognized to what was happened in front of us. It was a small family. two couple with three children, enjoying a bowl of meatball together. A BOWL for all of them. The father looks dishevelled. He spoon-fed his three children gently. After finishing it, I saw the couple, at glance. looks desperate. I do not know why, perhaps they exhausted leaning back on a tree. 
Almost a year of working has passed and remained something missing. Up and down. Finding something to heal this heart is not easy since I should be accustomed to new condition: no one asking my life, living without my brother at home, working in office almost whole day. They made me self-unrecognized person. I could not control it. 
By learning the family in Kemang, I felt peace and realized that I should be more patient to what has been…