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Mid Term Defense

Feel quite relieve after today presentation because at least I know what to be done and how to start. Anyway, I just realized that there is a unique bound among my batch mates. Always feel happy every chance for some talks with them. Back then, my master student life is quite same as undergraduate student life, somehow better. 
Also, I'm satisfied of my presentation because one of my friend told me "good presentation" and right after closing my presentation (when I walked back to my seat) two of my friends showed their thumbs up. Anyway, I learned how to deliver presentation well and creating easy understandable slides from my lab mates. For student level, they did very well on that. In other words, I successfully applied their good points. 


Higashi Kitazawa, Setagaya, Tokyo 

Host Family Party 2016

Starting from this beginning of October, I often reminisce one year life in Japan. The first six month, let say, was fitting my self in the new society, making friends, acknowledging my independent life in which mostly about loneliness (in the end). The next six month was about enjoying making friends, having good times with them, not only Indonesian but also friends from different countries. Such a moment of finding my other personality. I have no idea on life process has been aching my self so that I found something developed on me. All I can say only alhamdulillah
For the second time, I attended the Host Family party tonight. Mostly I met my friends from the same batch (haha), new faces and some alumni as well. Had a small conversation also with Ahmed about his working life in Japan. The most awaited-moment is having talk with my Host Family: okaasan (Megumi-san). Lucky me, that I was welcomed by her. I came late due to lab briefing that I couldn't leave for (of course). Such …

Caretta Shiodome Illumination 2016

Studying for almost 8 hours: processing data, reviewing, and thinking about next step of research (in which literally due to my incapability) couldn’t hold back my travel-alone-sense. So tonight, I decided to have look at Illumination in Caretta Shiodome which is close to Shimbashi Station (Ginza line or Yurikamome line). 
Starting around mid of November until late February, illumination turns into awaited-moment in Japan. You can find it easily in Tokyo which usually sparkling up park or inside mall along with the Christmas tree.

That's all tonight little journey (since I traveled alone :p)
Keep up on my next posting mostly about my student life in Japan :)

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Le Cafe Doutor Ginza, Tokyo, Japan
"Along with Maher Zain songs as back sound dancing on my ear" -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------