Caretta Shiodome Illumination 2016

Studying for almost 8 hours: processing data, reviewing, and thinking about next step of research (in which literally due to my incapability) couldn’t hold back my travel-alone-sense. So tonight, I decided to have look at Illumination in Caretta Shiodome which is close to Shimbashi Station (Ginza line or Yurikamome line). 

Starting around mid of November until late February, illumination turns into awaited-moment in Japan. You can find it easily in Tokyo which usually sparkling up park or inside mall along with the Christmas tree.

The way to get there

Been amazed many times by Japan infrastructure.
Wish someday Indonesia (at least Jakarta) could be transformed like this as well

seen from the pedestrian path

the glass gate when you may start to feel amazed 

Here they are!

Can you see the "Queen" tree?

The garden

For a cozy place to write this posting, frankly speaking,
need to spend more money than Starbucks!
At least, I can stay hours here while having good-angle-view and free wifi :p

A complete view. Could you notice the old-style building of Seiko?
I guess, this is one of exclusive place to grab branded-watch

That's all tonight little journey (since I traveled alone :p)
Keep up on my next posting mostly about my student life in Japan :)

Le Cafe Doutor
Ginza, Tokyo, Japan
"Along with Maher Zain songs as back sound dancing on my ear"


Ape, welcome back to the blogging world again. It's been a while since your last post, hasn't it? haha..

The illumination is really beautiful. It's fun to have a little time for yourself, isn't it? haha..

Yes, please share a lot about your life in Japan :D
Ayu Nuradi said…
Hihihi Hidayy ^^
Yeah, wish the visitor amount rises as well :p
Yeah definitely! Traveling alone is kind of recharge time
Ika Narwidya said…
I noticed you got a new macbook, right? Haha
Ayu Nuradi said…
hahaha, ikaa
you were so detail on it :p

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