Host Family Party 2016

Starting from this beginning of October, I often reminisce one year life in Japan. The first six month, let say, was fitting my self in the new society, making friends, acknowledging my independent life in which mostly about loneliness (in the end). The next six month was about enjoying making friends, having good times with them, not only Indonesian but also friends from different countries. Such a moment of finding my other personality. I have no idea on life process has been aching my self so that I found something developed on me. All I can say only alhamdulillah

For the second time, I attended the Host Family party tonight. Mostly I met my friends from the same batch (haha), new faces and some alumni as well. Had a small conversation also with Ahmed about his working life in Japan. The most awaited-moment is having talk with my Host Family: okaasan (Megumi-san). Lucky me, that I was welcomed by her. I came late due to lab briefing that I couldn't leave for (of course). Such a good moment at that point: we were handing over our own present each other. I was surprised that she brought me some fruits and some souvenirs. She never let me go home without any souvenir in my hand haha. 

Unfortunately, this is not in good quality, but still I like this photo

She looks so young for her age which is similar as my Mom's

In the middle was the founder of Japanese Language Class;
the refreshment class hahaha

Together with Ooi sensei (head of JLC teachers); Hafidha and her Host Family

I never imagined that I could have such many beautiful memories in Japan. I thought master student will be so boring, however, this is more than I hope. Indeed the memories are here, but I have to step forward for the next challenge, Insya Allah. 

Sanjo Conference Hall, Hongo Campus 
Tokyo, Japan 


That must be so fun. Good for you Pe :)
Ayu Nuradi said…
yeah Hiday
Alhamdulillah ^^

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