A Couple of Thoughts: 'a note of 25 y.o'

Going back to hometown has always been a perfect time to ponder and evaluate everything had happened through sharing with friends and observing changes, to simply remind me of my origin and how far I have walked. Alhamdulillah (thanks God) for accompanying me with people helping me to grow, got me inspired. As a constant prayer which I always bear in mind: 

يامقلب القلوب ثبت قلبي على دينك 

(Yaa muqallibal quluub, tsabbit qalbi 'ala diinik)
"Oh the Turner of the heart, please keep this heart firm on this deen"

Older people often said that a period of 20 - 30 y.o would be a fiery period in life in which we have many things in mind wished to be accomplished as soon as possible, a strict planner. Then, getting close to 30 y.o, it turns to taking the life easy, running the thing slow but sure, fiery spirit wouldn't be that much fiery. Now, I'm in my 25 and start to feel so, sounds too early. It was so since, unconsciously, mostly my friends aged older than me have shared their thought with me. However, such thing has answered my wonders and fixed many parts of me as a person. We don't have much time to learn many things, so sharing with other people is worth something. 

My words sounds pessimistic, doesn't it? Yesterday, I had an interesting discussion with my friends, placing myself to evaluate: gained lessons and new lessons.

1. Dream Big, Stay Focus, Appreciate Process

Nothing wrong with the big dream. However, thinking in a realistic way is a good companion with the dream. Observe how the nature works which means "everything takes process, not completed in one click". Therefore, appreciate process, appreciate any small achievements. We are not the lone hero to save this world. Everyone has their small part in this life scenario of world. Don't think too far ahead which may distract us of the on-going scenario we have. 

2. Deviated Life Plan 

Steve Jobs ever said on his speech saying, 'we take lesson by connecting the dots'. We plan for A, but what we do now is seemed far for A purpose. Take it easy, perhaps we are now gaining the dots to be connected later on. As my friend said, "sakura blooms in its perfect time only" so just be patient. Everything has been well written on Laufoul Mahfouz, just keep on going.

3. Move On 

I have the ability to completely diminish 'feeling' on someone. It is so severe until I cannot recall the past feeling and able talking to the person as a 'common' one. My friends suggested me not to do so, because we live in parallel each other. It is only about 'the road direction' whether possibly intersects on certain point or deviates each other. Just accept what has been destined on us by Allah. He knows best for us. 

4. Respect Others 

Everyone has their problem, so be kind as always. We won't completely understand their burdens. Keep this heart be heedful on other people condition. Everyone has their own various backgrounds. 

Hope this post is helpful 
Wallahu'alam bisshawab 

Jakarta, January 30th 2017