Master Student Life

Though, still counting months toward final defense, but seems everyone starts to put themselves for their future choices: pursuing PhD, looking for job in other countries outside Japan (so basically we have the same reluctancy on extending living in Japan), or going back to home country for continuing previous life. Such thing sets me back to a moment when I had a crazy (let say) life plan. Or, I should not call it crazy since anything is possible through Allah's mercy. Here, I learned from other people's life about how life is so amazingly unpredictable matter. Their life seemed abnormal compared to common people life path, but they earned lots of amazing achievement in return. This reminds me of my friends point of view: "Perhaps, you couldn't find any role model for unusual life path. But, don't be afraid of being different." It was true, but difficult in reality. One day, I watched a video which strongly waking up my mind with "never ever try to compare our life to other people life." 

Recently, I've been thinking about life here. I have been surrounded by many good peoples which finally I can call them my new family here. As Risa ever gave a small support saying "may you find a new family in Japan." The answer is "Yes, I've found them" and this made me truly understand how wisely my teacher ever advised us during the class, "You may hate a person, but only on his/her mistake/wrong deeds, not being justified as a whole personality." Those words actually opens forgiving doors to anyone (you know, we are also a common human often does mistakes, so why we should judge others so seriously while Allah has endless mercy upon us?) and it often strengthen friendship bound. 

But, our master period here is decreasing. Everything seems going so fast. I never imagined of such a good life here (even you might not have known my real struggle here, but still I consider those as blessing way to become a person, who I am today). I will be missing every story had scratched here. 


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