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Friendship in Japan

Tonight, suddenly I do feel blessed specially about scenario here I get through in Japan: sadness or happiness. My definition of blessing is not about travelling in Japan as other may expect, but rather to gaining life value, friendship, and way of thinking. Such a blessing having friends by my side who always teach me to be good and strong person. This reminds me of my wish to Allah, "I know that it must not be easy to start new life in different country, but I'm pretty sure that I may improved through challenges."
Then here I am now. Feeling so blessed surrounded by older brother and older sisters from different cultures. They gave me different side way of thinking. Through their experience, I seems dive into their scenario as well as getting the life value. I never expected my life would be like this: meeting them in this moment, even close bounded. Yeah, dont expect much about life would be. At certain point, we have to deal with any circumtances. As my friend told …

Life Lesson

everybody changes based on what they believe in many unexpected different ways

the life that you have could be easily judge on how it looks by many people
mostly what they concern are "how successful are you compared to me?" or "oh you look having great life, but let see how long does it last" or "I wanna be like you, you know" with cynical sound

befriend is having friend supporting you in your up and down moment not someone who competes you

lfie is a series of test
there would be bad days and good days coloring your life
even the bad days doesn't mean bad literally, but a test to escalate you
or during good days, make sure that you keep humble

how social media now is prone to judging, showing-off, defaming, fake
and how easily to distinguish between sharing and another intention

live simply and humble
put anything in its correct perspective
do more in silent because your achievement is to please Allah, not to impress anyone