Friendship in Japan

Tonight, suddenly I do feel blessed specially about scenario here I get through in Japan: sadness or happiness. My definition of blessing is not about travelling in Japan as other may expect, but rather to gaining life value, friendship, and way of thinking. Such a blessing having friends by my side who always teach me to be good and strong person. This reminds me of my wish to Allah, "I know that it must not be easy to start new life in different country, but I'm pretty sure that I may improved through challenges."

Then here I am now. Feeling so blessed surrounded by older brother and older sisters from different cultures. They gave me different side way of thinking. Through their experience, I seems dive into their scenario as well as getting the life value. I never expected my life would be like this: meeting them in this moment, even close bounded. Yeah, dont expect much about life would be. At certain point, we have to deal with any circumtances. As my friend told me, "even there is someone suddenly flying in front of you, you have to face that." You get? Even weirdest unexpected thing happened in your life, you have to be ready for that. Find a way to solve. If it is done, firmly move on to what comes next.


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