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As I went on a video by Al Jazeera about current heat condition in Palestine, it shooked me up again by how cruel life could be, would be unimaginable for me.  I may just a weak person who got used to live in a kinda fair wave of life. Praise to Allah for all blessings bestowed upon us.  Here, I was surrounded by friends who lived in some conflict countries or country which streneous conflict may occur any time. They are indeed tough than me. Thats how they have been shaped that also affects their behavior. But, through them, I learned about the real life. Seemingly tons of gratitude wont be enough to pay for our blessed condition now. 

Life Never Greet to Twist You

Home is a place where your heart is
But, we never learn what life is if we never been far from home

To learn,
about how to see people surrounding you in different perspective
about how to shut your feeling while you have to keep on moving with the life
about how to kill loneliness on every morning with the pill of thought
"I am here because of Allah destined me to life here. This is set of training. Every body is a first-time-player of world. No one could be your benchmark to define your life is."

about to let go off the person you ever loved and trusted, but bitter reality failed us apart
about how to smell fake
about sincerely accept what Allah has destined upon us

And above all, to understand about imperfection
Not every single thing, including us or our work, would be perfect
Why do we have to chase perfect? Life is not perfect
What we need to do is confidently do our best and know well our capability
Life never greet you when it is time to twist you
You might be …