Where does a woman should foster her career?

I remember the time when the situation put me to imagine what would I be doing if I were a wife and mother. I obviously tried to look for future job which enable me having balance life between family and career. However, my deepest heart takes biggest side to family. What is more lovable matter other than to be with your loved ones? You would be willing sacrifice anything for family. 

I asked some of my friends. They told me:
"Actually I want to be at home and to raise kids. I dont really too much concern about my future career even I know now I'm pursuing master degree."

"It does not matter for me to be at home raising kids, but my husband does not allow me to do so. He said that it is better for me to have also career for my own goods (expanding knowledge)."

And some of my friends (man) said:
"I don't feel good seing my wife being at home whole the time. There should be the time for her broadening her mind with another activities. So I allow her to work which enable her to put family as the first priority."

I think, that is nature of woman. She has wide-opened heart for loving. Some of them decided to leave job for taking care family. Some of them had problem with their children because seemingly she put career as the first priority all the time. 

This topics has become an endless discussion. Who I am to judge? I don't know other's life in complete; what they are going through. In some cases, women have to work to support financial of her family after her husband's death. 

Hopefully the industry will be able to see future chance to open space for those who decided to leave job and willing to come back after several years off. Woman indeed has different ability than man. She indeed contributes to nation both for generation and economy. 


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