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Don't Be Judgemental

Does it sound familiar to you? Apparently, some of global humanity tragedy have stolen my interest.  I like doing internet-surfing through YouTube to find out what's happening around the world. 
At certain point, I found such tragedy are not solely about religion, but tends to avarice or political desire. 
A long story of Palestine-Israel war is an impact of Israel political desire to widen their region within Palestine country. Palestine is a moslem country and Israel is a so-called label for group of Jewish people living in middle east (I still stand on not declaring Israel as a country). Such different religion has made a surface-look of religious war as often unconciously swallowed by international readers. However, there is something that has been overlooked: Christian community. As I watch a documentary report, Christians also suffer from the war. They loose family, house, and church. So, Israel has failed humanity across any religion. 
About 70 years ago, a human tragedy o…