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Opini Tentang Depresi

Disclaimer: mengutarakan opini, sudut pandang pribadi 

Akhir-akhir ini depresi jadi topik yang sedang sering diperbincangkan, terutama ketika ada berita selebriti yang mengakhiri hidupnya dengan bunuh diri. Sebenarnya perihal bunuh diri sudah sering saya temukan di Jepang; yang paling sering adalah kasus bunuh diri dengan terjun ke area perlintasan kereta api ketika kereta api sedang melaju (bahasa gue kayak di buku teks sekolah ya haha). Sebenarnya saya masih gak bisa melihat batas/limit jelas yang mendefiniskan bahwa seseorang sedang depresi karena irisannya banyak (reminds me with Venn diagram, LOL): menyinggung mental health dari sudut pandang medis, kadar kesulitan yang dihadapi, kadar kekuatan mental seseorang. Walaupun ada definisi depresi berdasarkan gejala-gejala yang timbul, tapi sulit juga untuk menggunakan parameter ini karena gejala setiap orang berbeda-beda. (Ini udah kayak mau penelitian aja, but it indeed should be treated in deeper look)

Jadi, saya pribadi melihat sec…

A Cure For Soul

It has been almost three months away from Japan.  I miss my independent life there the most.  I miss my previous apartment, convenience store, train, school, Indian restaurant, sushi bar  Unfortunately, I have missed the chance to develop my skill -- career

But on the other side, going back home seems to be a perfect choice for curing my soul  I do still remember several months before going home, I felt helpless with the life there I felt that hate is saturated in the air until troubling me to think properly Yes hate, it relates to people  I've tried to recall the memories, what was actually going on?! I tried to do self-healing but I couldn't control my self  Everyone seems to be ignorant 
Then, after a while, I spot on something as a lesson learned:

"Once you hate someone, don't make the resentment last longer. Let it be. People can be so mean to you, out of your thought, it is normal. Just wait the time for him/her to learn something, but don't expect anything…

A Scientist?

The speech by Steve Jobs is sometimes replayed in my mind, "if you still don't find what you are looking for, don't settle, keep on searching" more or less like that. I bet everyone is still looking for what they really want to be. 
I have been trying to do different jobs, hearing to friends' experience, trying to get informations. Then, I perceive a seemingly suitable word for me: 
"Scientists can be motivated in several ways. Many have a desire to understand why the world is as we see it and how it came to be. They exhibit a strong curiosity about reality. Other motivations are recognition by their peers and prestige, or the desire to apply scientific knowledge for the benefit of people's health, the nations, the world, nature or industries (academic scientist and industrial scientist). Scientists tend to be less motivated by direct financial reward for their work than other careers. As a result, scientific researchers often accept lower average salari…

Language: Maintaining English

You may have agreed that English has been part of our daily conversation, but unfortunately only picking out some phrases into it, not actively being engaged in a full conversation. Many people said that english is easy. I personally agree with that; I can express my opinion in english easily. However, I believe whatsover language is, I have to maintain the language to a level reflecting way of thinking of native speaker.

"Language defines way of thinking of its societies"
I do agree with this, especially during studying third language: japanese language. While living in Japan, I was studying Japanese language for a year. Eventhough Japanese language is not something new for me, it just came to my sense during those period that "japanese language uniquely engage with japanese society characteristics"
Such statement is also applied to English, but I have never lived in an english-speaking country. Fortunately, as I was enrolled in english program and surrounded by ma…