A Cure For Soul

It has been almost three months away from Japan. 
I miss my independent life there the most. 
I miss my previous apartment, convenience store, train, school, Indian restaurant, sushi bar 
Unfortunately, I have missed the chance to develop my skill -- career

But on the other side, going back home seems to be a perfect choice for curing my soul 
I do still remember several months before going home, I felt helpless with the life there
I felt that hate is saturated in the air until troubling me to think properly
Yes hate, it relates to people 
I've tried to recall the memories, what was actually going on?!
I tried to do self-healing but I couldn't control my self 
Everyone seems to be ignorant 

Then, after a while, I spot on something as a lesson learned:

"Once you hate someone, don't make the resentment last longer. Let it be. People can be so mean to you, out of your thought, it is normal. Just wait the time for him/her to learn something, but don't expect anything. Resentment only makes you get more tortured inside."

"Once you move to a new place, accept all the things happen to surround you, every single thing: good and bad. But since you are able to distinguish good and bad deeds, don't feel insecure even bad things surround you. You definitely know which to be chosen. Acceptance is the key of all, as simple as understanding how nature works." 

This may not be too late because I'm trying to learn from the past to get prepared again, trying to get another chance to continue even the possibility is uncertain. We don't know. 

And above all, fixing my relation to Allah

Also, I finally found a chance to start a career in geotechnical engineering. I was just accepted to join Mott MacDonald as a junior geotechnical engineer. This consultant has been assigned to MRT Jakarta design, one of the projects that I have been putting my interest to since long time ago. So, going back home is also a good choice despite other kind disappointments. 


Alhamdulillah.. Ape congratulations on your new job! Good luck! And welcome back home (although it is late to say this haha..)
Ayu Nuradi said…
thank you Day.. for prompt comment also haha..
No, its not late. Still more days to go before 2017 ends hehe
Anonymous said…
Aphe, akhirnya Allah menjawab gundah gulana dan keresahanmu dengan sesuatu yang manis di penghujung 2017 ini, haha. Semoga Mott MacDonald menjadi rumah berkarir yang cucok ya buat kamu :)
Ayu Nuradi said…
Aamiin.. makasih ikaa hehe
Iya alhamdulillah
Semoga lancar jg perpindahannya nnt

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