A Scientist?

The speech by Steve Jobs is sometimes replayed in my mind, "if you still don't find what you are looking for, don't settle, keep on searching" more or less like that. I bet everyone is still looking for what they really want to be. 

I have been trying to do different jobs, hearing to friends' experience, trying to get informations. Then, I perceive a seemingly suitable word for me: 

"Scientists can be motivated in several ways. Many have a desire to understand why the world is as we see it and how it came to be. They exhibit a strong curiosity about reality. Other motivations are recognition by their peers and prestige, or the desire to apply scientific knowledge for the benefit of people's health, the nations, the world, nature or industries (academic scientist and industrial scientist). Scientists tend to be less motivated by direct financial reward for their work than other careers. As a result, scientific researchers often accept lower average salaries when compared with many other professions which require a similar amount of training and qualification." (Source: Wikipedia) 

A friend of mine used to call me "professor!" everytime I passed by her home after school. I always get annoyed at that time because you definitely know how a sterotype look of a professor is: shabby white hair, thick eyeglasses, ... Yeah eyeglasses. I used to wear eyeglasses starting from 4th grade of elementary school. You must have been surprised with this. But yeah indeed. I felt so happy like never before when I can see the world without eyeglasses assistance at all. Thanks to Allah for a huge blessing bestowed upon me. Anyway, it can be referred as bullying but just let say it was a joke. 

Then, something came across my mind when my friend telling me about my characteristic during working in an engineering consultant. She said, "you are kind of person who likes challenge. That's what makes you alive. You always be curious in this field." I found my self goes with it when I stayed in Japan. Studying in Japan has opened a bright view of research as a support system for any aspect of life in Japan. The society just like doing research. They like to learn, starting from asking why, then continue to gathering data to find reason behind something. You can see this learning system in small aspect such product design. Even research mindset has been tought to student of early age. 

I always be curious on how a great research finding contributes to society life change, how things work, philosophical matter, systematical things. And it does affect society in many aspects, at least I found it in Japan. Not a single of advancement in the world is out of research result. 

I wish that I can get chance to be a researcher/scientist soon. Aamiin


Ape, since junior high school, if someone asked me what I wanted to be, I always answered that I wanted to be a scientist!

I've been spent my career in consultant and I think being a consultant is somehow resemble a scientist. There are many differences but both of them using their knowledge in the fields. In my experience, being a consultant is a never ending learning job, because you'll find the unique case in each project and it makes you learn again and again. I really like being a consultant. Perhaps the dream to become a scientist has been shifted to become a proficient environmental consultant.

Good luck and keep the spirit to become a scientist!
Ayu Nuradi said…
thank you for your constant supportive comment Day :)
for me, it is important to see other people point of view about something

I feel the same way too when doing job in previous consultant. Each case is unique and triggers us to develop new particular skill through challenges.

I don't know whats gonna happened next, whether keep on professional career or scientist, depends on His will hehe. As well as you, I think it is still difficult to find a hard-core of environmentalist. What I see is like, you are also making your way towards it. Keep on doing great for that Day :)
We still have chance to become a scientist

Thank you Day for the support Day!
hahaha.. you're welcome Pe. I'm a loyal reader of your blog after all. ;)

I think I understand that the two years you spent in Japan must have changed you, like how you see everything differently and others. Maybe you need listen to your heart first and looking for signs that are given to you.

What will happen in the future is a mystery, and all we can do is do what we want and we can to achieve what we dream of in the future. It is not an easy road but let's try our best :)
Ayu Nuradi said…
hehehe I think so Day
It is difficult to create a circle of blogger, including me who neglects my own blog haha

Yes, you're right.
Need to keep faith and settle back here to recognize the signs
Yup, keep on doing our best :)

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