Language: Maintaining English

You may have agreed that English has been part of our daily conversation, but unfortunately only picking out some phrases into it, not actively being engaged in a full conversation. Many people said that english is easy. I personally agree with that; I can express my opinion in english easily. However, I believe whatsover language is, I have to maintain the language to a level reflecting way of thinking of native speaker.

"Language defines way of thinking of its societies"

I do agree with this, especially during studying third language: japanese language. While living in Japan, I was studying Japanese language for a year. Eventhough Japanese language is not something new for me, it just came to my sense during those period that "japanese language uniquely engage with japanese society characteristics" 

Such statement is also applied to English, but I have never lived in an english-speaking country. Fortunately, as I was enrolled in english program and surrounded by many friends from different countries, basically English is part of my daily life, including texting with friends. But still, I wanna speak the way english native speaker talks; their way of thinking when using english. To fulfill such condition, I try to get my self used to english from its original source. Here are some sources that enable you maintaining english. 

1. Reading Online News

I often refer to Aljazeera, BBC, CNN for online news platform. BBC has different sense of english compared to CNN since BBC belongs to UK while CNN belongs to US. BBC tends to be more polite in serving the news instead of CNN. (I don't say that CNN serves the news impolitely). You can find also videos on "watch" and "listen" menu as you arrive to the home page of Aljazeera news website.

Top right: Watch and Learn option. Link: Aljazeera


2.  Listening to Videos

Before taking TOEFL iBT test, I used to listen TED-talks for better listening skill. Then, it turns into a habit untill now to hear various speech offered by many people around the world. It opens up our mind at the same time. But just be careful at picking topics that you would like to hear. Bear in mind that, somehow, those vidoes are the speaker's point of view. You can simply find them on Youtube or its Facebook page. Second option is listening to religious video. Because I like to hear Nouman Ali Khan's sermon, I often replay his speech. Not only soothe my mind and heart, it does improve my listening skill.


Actually you can just easily install those apps on your mobile phone, so you can simply check them out anywhere anytime. It's gonna be a perfect choice when trapped in heavy traffic jam haha.

Hopefully those my experince may benefit you :)


Ape, you changed the blog theme and blog name, didn't you? It feels different but somehow fresh hehe.. keep up writing :)
Ayu Nuradi said…
Yess Hiday ^^
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Hopefully :p

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