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Leaving Islam (?)

Saya sempat terkejut ketika mengetahui Nas (from NasDaily) sudah lama tidak beribadah seperti yang dilakukan muslim pada umumnya. Dia beralasan bahwa setiap orang yang menganut agama, pasti akan menganggap agamanya yang paling benar. Jadi, seakan dia menemukan bahwa agama itu tidak penting, yang penting adalah menjadi orang baik dan berusaha menyelamatkan dunia. Sepertinya dia menjadi agnostik: tidak beragama, tapi percaya keberadaan Tuhan.
Kasus lainnya adalah seorang wanita Arab yang berhasil kabur dari keluarganya dan negaranya setelah ia merasa jengah dengan bagaimana wanita diperlakukan seperti budak di negaranya, seakan tidak punya hak dan kebebasan. Karena ia takut untuk kembali rumahnya dengan alasan takut dibunuh karena telah memalukan keluarga, akhirnya dia mencari suaka ke negara lain dan tinggal menetap. Ia melepas hijabnya sekaligus meninggalkan Islam. Kasus seperti ini sudah banyak ditemukan. Apalagi para wanita yang tinggal di negara konflik.
Secara pribadi, saya gak m…

Detoxificate Life

Taking a distance and a time does give significant impacts on me
It does feel like my soul is free from toxic
Unconsciously I carried them (pain, hate, disappointment) with me
At that time, I still recognized him around because there he was and it made me feel so heavy
Now, all the memories along with the pains are fading away, almost vanished completely
Sometimes, human weakness of forgetting is a blessing: forget to feel the pains

"be peace with your past" doesn't mean "overlooking someone-else' mistake over you", but rather "don't ruin your life with the anger over him, because it's not even worth something to think about. Indeed, the mistake does matter, but just to mark him off. Then keep on going forward.
Honestly, I don't forgive. I might make mistake too but I wouldn't decide to take a coward action.
It was the most difficult thing to forgive someone. Look, the same feeling when someone kicks you without reason then abandons you…

The Journeys in 2017

It was such an amazing life experience that I had in Japan; a place that I ever dreamed of so much. Alhamdulillah for the opportunity trusted on me during those 2 years. Even though I still have the courage to live there but current situation just put me into living back in Jakarta. I perceive that returning home is still a good plan Insya Allah, as I'm continuing to learn Japanese language and working as a junior geotechnical engineer. I don't know exactly what future holds but I'm just following my intuition and given chance. I do believe "there is a will, there is a way"
Before time gone far, I want to sum them up in this post. Here are some snippets of my life during 2017. Let's start from the beginning month of the year.


It was cold, still in winter, around 3 degrees in Tokyo. You would not find continuous snow in Tokyo, but at least a day of the shower. There was no new year party with my host family or even friends haha, because I was so…