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The Weight of Our Deed

Someone who used to be close with me ever said to me, "That's okay, young lady. It takes time for you to understand. You are just 25 something." He is indeed 4 years older than me. I started to think, 'is there something wrong with me?'
Also, I had a classmate. She is also 4 years older than me. I used to hang out with her. I learned a lot from her about how she sees the world as it is, the human nature, and how to take the life simpler. 
So, for short,  we should stay in the middle: not as an extremist nor an independent irresposible type of muslim. We can dream as high as we can, but there is always the boundary as the world works. We can ask Allah for anything and keep believing that it would come true. Something that makes us to be persistant is that being patient of the process; we need to understand that there is nothing best in this world without process; the law of casuality. Moreover, Allah opens wide door for those who trust him and beg him a certain h…


Sebuah kata yang memiliki arti yang mendalam bahkan dapat menjadi tolak-ukur seseorang. Gue mungkin bukan orang yang sepenuhnya capable untuk membahas ini secara keseluruhan apalagi melakukannya dengan sempurna, tapi setidaknya gue bisa menilai dari sudut pandang yang baik (I hope). Well, no one is perfect, but I respect those who are always struggling for it. Gue sedang tertarik membahas ini karena kebetulan ada kasus yang sangat menggelitik fondasi berpikir gue terhadap Islam. 

Pertama-tama, apa sih arti kata adab itu sendiri? Jika dikutip dari kamus bahasa indonesia (KBBI), arti dari adab adalah:

Dan beberapa kutipan dari artikel portal Islam:

Udah sering lah ya terdengar opini: "dia gimana sih? pengetahuan agamanya oke, kelihatannya taat, tapi menghadapi masalah begitu aja gak gentle."
Sayangnya, itu kenyataan yang membuat gue juga bertanya-tanya: "trus apa gunanya agama yang selama ini dia yakini?" Pasti akan ada orang yang berkomentar balik: "lo kan ga …

Connecting the Dots

I bumped into my friend's post about interesting experiences are usually unplanned. I do agree with this. At a certain point, I thought that I had been too cruel to myself, bringing idealism without facing reality such how nature works as it is. 
I wouldn't study in Japan and befriended with many people around the world and learned differences if I never dare to try, just try, to apply for scholarship and kept persistant. I didn't plan to study in Japan, instead Netherland. Further I know that strong environment of research in Japan has taught me its strength to society and has stolen my interest. I knew them all after all were completed and connected the dots. 
We do have dreams and plans. At certain point, we might reach the dream, but not the details. Then when everything seems blurred, running out of way we planned, at this point, I do believe the old proverb saying: "follow your heart". But be mind, we have to assure that our heart condition is good. So, I …