The Weight of Our Deed

Someone who used to be close with me ever said to me, "That's okay, young lady. It takes time for you to understand. You are just 25 something." He is indeed 4 years older than me. I started to think, 'is there something wrong with me?'

Also, I had a classmate. She is also 4 years older than me. I used to hang out with her. I learned a lot from her about how she sees the world as it is, the human nature, and how to take the life simpler. 

So, for short,  we should stay in the middle: not as an extremist nor an independent irresposible type of muslim. We can dream as high as we can, but there is always the boundary as the world works. We can ask Allah for anything and keep believing that it would come true. Something that makes us to be persistant is that being patient of the process; we need to understand that there is nothing best in this world without process; the law of casuality. Moreover, Allah opens wide door for those who trust him and beg him a certain hope. 

Can you get the felxibility sense?

Such fact has developed my comprehension over Islam as rahmatallill'alamin (blessing for all humankind) as also told by Nouman Ali Khan in his lecture below. 

So, I still don't agree with those groups who are proud of themselves, overlook anyone outside their group. They can't stereotype many people with their principal thinking as to create group of people under similar understanding. Each person is uniqe of their own potential as well as critical thinking, but for sure, we take Al-Quran and hadist a the guidance above all. 

For certain occasion. taking something literally is important because we become understand the pure value behind.