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In Search of Career

From my point of view, career doesn't always mean working 8-hours in an office. What I understand about career is that a label describing a person's role in this universe, including being a mother. A career and a job are not the same. Career is a life-time job that embroils passion, doing something that we like for the potential that we have. So, the statement saying, "you are not a kid who only do what they like to do", no, a big NO. I stick on assumption that we like do a certain things because we do acknowledge our own passion and potential, not just a reason of "I just like it" behind. 
A big question is haunting me these days asking: "what actually do you want to do for your career?" Each person has strength and weakness, additonal points and limitations. I have picked those matters and try to resolve, but in the end those are my natural strength and weakness that defines me of who I am. I came to a point that, "this is not a career tha…