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At Least, Take Action

Over the past two months, I was overwhelmed by a tough question that everyone may struggle with: "What's the next shot?" Then it leads my mind to arrange my life-plan. Just like a whirlpool, it never ends, because there are many uncertainty that I cannot control over and some parts are worrying. So, I decided to end it up. 

Fine. No more overthinking because it just pull me back on my chair, not going anywhere. I come up with conclusion that:
There are things that we can control through our efforts and there are things that we cannot control over because we are just human. So why do we have to worry something that we cannot control over? Aa Gym ever said that, we don't have to know every single thing of life because it is perhaps better to not knowing something. 
Life indeed shouldn't have to be such a perfect-happy-way but rather to be colored with pain to develop strength. I remember the lecture by Nouman Ali Khan says that "Allah wants us to experience l…