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How to Take Decision?

Its been a while... 

A question that blows my mind again and again as I have no answer yet came closer again, "What is it exactly you desire of? Decide where you belong to." Definitely, the latter one is not the real question. It is only a prompted statement. 
A friend of mine said, "Don't be overthinking over something that has not to happen."
I answered, "But how if in nearly future it reveals that I am wrong?"
She responded, "Then get improvised. Everything's gonna find its way eventually. Now, what you need to do is knocking on each door, then find out which one is yours."
Another friend of mine said, "Lifetime is so short. Suddenly, you marry someone and have children. Then getting busy with your job. If you do have a specific dream that you want to achieve, then go for it. You still have time. About marrying? Get to know your spouse-to-be carefully. He is going to be yours for the whole time." 
I conclude that it is very …