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Getting Older

People changes along with their new life steps in. A single to a couple then becomes a parent; an impulsive youth to become a strong-minded mature person. Throwing back to three years younger of me, taking a challenging decision was not a big deal. All I could respond was, "Yes I am ready! Why not? I am waiting for the next cool fun days!" It brought me on a remarkable journey to find myself (well, sounds cliche though). However, I don't feel the same way recently. I am more careful in taking a decision because I don't want to be disappointed in the near future. The more careful I become, the more indecisive I am. My friend told me that, as long as your reasoning process is still in a reasonable zone, then keep digging. 
As a reminder for my self too, I would like to put some noteworthy things in mind about taking decision wisely. 
1. Sharpen The Sense
In my humble opinion, having a sharp sense would help us in defining and interpreting the situations surrounding us …