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Up and Down in Life

This is a reminder to myself when things are going away from the plan, to not feel devastated, desperate, and helpless. This is a message to bounce back, not to compare me to other people.
Japan is well-known for its wisdom words even number of suicidal is increasing. Even in any Anime, it is easy to find the wisdom of "not giving up" (諦めない or "akiramenai"). I found wisdom words from Doraemon series about "future" (未來 or "mirai"), something that many people would experience in course of their life. A question about: "where this step going to lead?" or "will my dream come true when things seem difficult?" 

Each type of job requires different skill, so we should not be giving up. 
Working or learning is similar anywhere. Each of them is unseparated. 
If you combine them, something new will be created. 
It is indeed not easy to do it, but we should pass all of this life story. 
No one will finish this dream, so at least it is me who…