Yes, She Can

There is always the reason behind anything that happens in this life that many of them God does not tell us why. He is the All-Knowing. Some people get married late and some others earlier. Some people get divorced and some other loose their loved one as death separates them. Some people live wealthy but later the unexpected things happens to take all away, and some other people live like average people but happily long live in a simplicity. Many people think marriage is like a life-change button for a woman to stop juggling daily office work life, to stay home all-day, and happily blessed with the loved-man shared monthly money. However, the truth of life is not always as simple as that. No one knows what the future holds. Still, the woman need to prepare herself when the life gets tough. Surely, we can ask Allah for anything, but life is a combination of struggles and hopes. If we don't get prepared and not use the moment wisely to achieve something, really we are a looser. Alla…

Beautifying Our Du'a

During Ramadhan, let's maximize our time to supplicate to Allah SWT. Surely often we do pray at any condition, either mostly after prayer or during free-time. Recently I have been thinking of rectifying the way of supplication to Allah to obtain a more personal connection with Allah and to see the essentials of du'a from a good perspective. 
First of all, let's rectify our perspective on performing du'a. We often consider performing du'a as the main way to get what we want in life. Rather, performing dua is a way to please Allah. It is suggested to have a firm belief that our du'a will be accepted by Allah. Regarding what kind of blessing descended by Allah later is all beyond Allah's Mercy and Will. We may not receive what we ask for, but surely insya Allah would be better than that. 
Following are groups of du'a which were raised by many pious men and women throughout Islamic history and some suggested du'a to supplicate. 

Morning and Dawn Dzikr Do…

Up and Down in Life

This is a reminder to myself when things are going away from the plan, to not feel devastated, desperate, and helpless. This is a message to bounce back, not to compare me to other people.
Japan is well-known for its wisdom words even number of suicidal is increasing. Even in any Anime, it is easy to find the wisdom of "not giving up" (諦めない or "akiramenai"). I found wisdom words from Doraemon series about "future" (未來 or "mirai"), something that many people would experience in course of their life. A question about: "where this step going to lead?" or "will my dream come true when things seem difficult?" 

Each type of job requires different skill, so we should not be giving up. 
Working or learning is similar anywhere. Each of them is unseparated. 
If you combine them, something new will be created. 
It is indeed not easy to do it, but we should pass all of this life story. 
No one will finish this dream, so at least it is me who…

Do Not Compare, Be Grateful

I had a talk with my friend last Sunday. In the middle of the talk, he pointed out an issue: the social comparison. Naturally, as human, we do that. Later when social media arises, it echoes the social comparison, putting us in a desperate internal thought though it might not seems that pity. 
What overwhelms me recently is indeed what other people are suffering from. Why my progress is so slow. What I have achieved so far is this only? Look, my friend got married, had kids, got a new house, boost with his/her career. What about me? I came to a point of feeling uneasy. I kept torturing myself with the question where have you been?
I used to be a strong believer in saying "once something comes true, right in front of you, then that is what befalls upon you." However, I lost such faith just because of my worry for not taking the wrong decision, because of poisoned with words I worry that I can't because the constraint is this and that. Yet again, who are you to dare to sa…