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An Attitude of Being Grateful

I used to be an optimistic girl
Such a definition wouldn't have appealed until one day a friend of mine told me so.

Me: "I don't understand why many people call me 'a happy girl'"
She: "Because being happy means an optimistic attitude, an act of expressing gratitude to God."
I was screwed.

Next time I had a conversation again with her.
Me: "Why he has to be so anxious about the future. Ask Allah for anything good, try your best, and something good is waiting there. It is as simple as that."
She: "A boy is really complicated. He perceives something ahead of a woman does. But that's okay. It means that he needs someone with a fast decision maker to be with him."

Now I have changed. Because of disappointment, unconsciously I am not the way I were.
Recently I realized when things are blurred, all I can do is only giving my shot.
How can I give my shot if I don't know the target?
Find the answer whatever your heart tells
Then s…

Do Not Compare, Be Grateful

I had a talk with my friend last Sunday. In the middle of the talk, he pointed out an issue: the social comparison. Naturally, as human, we do that. Later when social media arises, it echoes the social comparison, putting us in a desperate internal thought though it might not seems that pity. 
What overwhelms me recently is indeed what other people are suffering from. Why my progress is so slow. What I have achieved so far is this only? Look, my friend got married, had kids, got a new house, boost with his/her career. What about me? I came to a point of feeling uneasy. I kept torturing myself with the question where have you been?
I used to be a strong believer in saying "once something comes true, right in front of you, then that is what befalls upon you." However, I lost such faith just because of my worry for not taking the wrong decision, because of poisoned with words I worry that I can't because the constraint is this and that. Yet again, who are you to dare to sa…

The Lowest Point

I think that I made a big mistake in my life for not being serious with my own life
At this point, I don't see a clear future of my self, both in career and family planning
It is so clueless

When I see around, my friends seem really good at leading their career track further step-by-step
I think that I missed a brilliant chance for just a worrying foreseeing future
I made a big mistake.
I should not be overwhelmed. I should have taken the opportunity.
Now, I am at the lowest point again. I even don't know how to raise my self up again

Please raise me up from this difficult situation, oh Allah