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Do Not Compare, Be Grateful

I had a talk with my friend last Sunday. In the middle of the talk, he pointed out an issue: the social comparison. Naturally, as human, we do that. Later when social media arises, it echoes the social comparison, putting us in a desperate internal thought though it might not seems that pity. 
What overwhelms me recently is indeed what other people are suffering from. Why my progress is so slow. What I have achieved so far is this only? Look, my friend got married, had kids, got a new house, boost with his/her career. What about me? I came to a point of feeling uneasy. I kept torturing myself with the question where have you been?
I used to be a strong believer in saying "once something comes true, right in front of you, then that is what befalls upon you." However, I lost such faith just because of my worry for not taking the wrong decision, because of poisoned with words I worry that I can't because the constraint is this and that. Yet again, who are you to dare to sa…